Jul 02 2013

Conservative Councillor Launches Local Business Survey

kam_chana_surveyA Conservative Harrow councillor has launched a detailed survey for local businesses. Cllr. Kam Chana, shadow portfolio holder for Business, has delivered hundreds of the surveys to businesses in Rayners Lane ward, and will visit Harrow’s various business districts in the weeks ahead. The survey asks businesses for their thoughts on a broad range of issues; from information on the challenges they face, to what assistance and support they’d like from the Council.

Cllr Chana explained: “These are difficult times for local businesses, with many struggling to stay afloat, to keep people employed and to pay their bills. Our business community also plays a hugely important role in keeping Harrow somewhere we like to live and work. Therefore, the Council should be doing all it can to support business, to guide them through hard times, and to help them thrive. Though the Conservatives do not currently control the Council, we’re very interested to know what the Council could do to help, and particularly the ways in which the Council could do better in the future.”

Cllr. Chana added: “The business support that the Council has offered under Labour, though well-intentioned, is not necessarily what businesses need. The Council has become too reliant on one-day ‘one size fits all’ business advice events; not long-term ideas and policies. Given businesses in Harrow currently have less than a 45% chance of surviving five years, we think the Council should be working more closely with them on a more regular basis.”

Cllr. Chana concluded: “I hope that this survey will give businesses a real opportunity to raise their concerns, to share their thoughts and ideas, and that it will give us the guidance needed going forward to better support them.”

You can download the survey here – it’s only two pages, and can mailed or emailed back to the council.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    It might have been an idea for the questionnaire to ask if there’s anything *new* that the Council could do, rather than just if there’s anything that could be done better… But it’s nice to see Councillors taking a proactive interest, and a bottom up approach, instead of just imposing ideas from the top down.

    I’d be very interested to see the results, so I hope that the final analysis will be made public.

  2. Harrow Council Conservative Group

    Thanks for the feedback. We will look to possibly include such feedback in the surveys going forward.

    Of course we hope to publish the final analysis once we receive the responses.

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