Aug 27 2013

Conservative Councillors Launch Night Time Car Park Closure Petition

conservative_logoTwo Conservative Headstone North councillors have launched a petition calling on Harrow Council to reinstate night time closing of a local car park. The car park at Bisley House – off Pinner Road, North Harrow and next to Cambridge Road car park – had previously been closed between 7.30pm and 7.30am. However, the Council changed this policy – keeping it open 24-hours – which has drawn complaints from local residents.

Cllr. Janet Mote said: “Residents have told us that they’re unhappy with this car park being left open throughout the night. They are concerned that it is encouraging members from the gym on the old Safeway site to park their cars in it at night, and unfortunately there have also been various complaints about anti-social behaviour; from noise, drinking, smoking and swearing to sexual conduct. It is not right that local residents should have to put up with this sort of appalling behaviour.”

Cllr. Anthony Seymour added: “Given that the solution to these problems is so straightforward, we hope that the night time closure of the car park will be reinstated as soon as possible. As with the free parking period in North Harrow, the Council should listen to the people who live and work in the area, and who know it best. We propose to submit the petition to Cabinet on September 12th, so strongly encourage residents interested in signing it to get in touch.”


Cllr. Janet Mote – 020 8868 9315 / janet.mote@btconnect.com

Cllr. Anthony Seymour – 07956 604216 / ahseymour50@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Harrow Dude

    These two Councillors should be aware that harrow council are intending to stop locking all parks, cemeteries and car parks from next month. I wish you luck…

  2. Harrow Dude (@Harrow_Dude)

    Unfortunately the bad news for Councillors Mote and Seymour is that according to Councillor Asad Omar the Environment & Community Safety Portfolio Holder for Harrow Council they are proposing to stop locking all parks, cemeteries and car parks from September. Apparently anti-social behaviour is not a problem in these areas…

  3. Susan Hall

    Harrow Dude its not just bad news for our Headstone North Conservative Councillors Janet Mote and Tony Seymour its bad news for all the residents of Harrow. I on behalf of all the Conservative group have tried to point out since February what a disaster this cut will be. It is essential that some of the parks and definitely the graveyards are kept locked. I feel desperately sorry for all residents backing onto the parks because they will have an increased concern regarding security but I also feel for residents who have loved ones buried in our graveyards. To stop locking these areas will lead to increased anti social behaviour without doubt. Shame on you Labour and indeed Independent Labour for passing the most recent budget which of course contains these disgraceful cuts. I guarantee that the Conservatives would NOT be doing this, we are appalled by the cuts in the Environment department and would reverse if we were in power

    Councillor Susan Hall Leader of the Conservative Group Harrow

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