Sep 13 2013

Consultation begins on school expansion

school_expansionPeople will be able to have their say from Monday on plans to expand 12 more of the borough’s primary schools.
The Council is proposing a second phase of its ambitious expansion programme, which has been drawn up in order to meet the growing demand for school places.

The following 5 schools are proposed for permanent expansion in 2014:

  • Aylward Primary School, Stanmore
  • Belmont Primary School, Wealdstone
  • Grange Primary School, Harrow
  • Norbury School, Harrow
  • Pinner Wood School, Pinner

The following seven schools are proposed for permanent expansion in 2015:

  • Cannon Lane First and Cannon Lane Junior School, Pinner
  • Kenmore Park Infant and Nursery School and Kenmore Park Junior, Harrow
  • Newton Farm Nursery Infant and Junior School, South Harrow
  • Priestmead Primary School and Nursery, Kenton
  • St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School, Harrow
  • St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Pinner
  • Whitchurch First School and Whitchurch Junior School, Stanmore

The Council’s expansion programme will allow it to provide the places it needs to meet a growing demand. According to census data, 15,916 children aged under five were recorded in the 2011 Census for Harrow, compared to 12,015 in the 2001 Census – a rise of 32 per cent. This number is set to rise, with the number of children needing reception places set to peak in around 2018. The Council has a legal obligation to provide a school place for every child.

Harrow Council Leader Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar said: “These plans will mean change for schools and their communities, so it is vital that everyone has their say. The Council has a duty to provide school places for every child and must act to meet the unprecedented rise in children aged under five. These plans will help us to continue leading the way in planning for the growing demand and providing the best possible opportunities for our young people.”

The consultation opens on Monday September 16. To take part visit http://harrow-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal or call 020 8420 9270. It closes on October 18.

A number of the expansions would be funded through Government funding. In July Harrow Council secured in excess of £30 million in funding through the Government’s Targeted Basic Needs funding, allowing it to provide 3,000 places in primary, secondary and special Educational Needs schools by 2015.

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  1. Georgia x

    What is the point of having a consultation when the deal is already done?

    I know the plans have already gone in for Pinner Park School.

    Seems a bit strange to have a ‘consultation’ now then.

    Georgia x

  2. 4Democracy

    Vaughan was a done deal in July last year per a conversation with ex Cllr Gate.The consultation which followed was a complete joke so much so the council has recently written to locals asking for their suggestions to improve these future consultations!

    You only have to look at the letters pages in the local papers and articles on here to see the councils reputation with any type of consultation, purely a paper exercise and any views ignored.

  3. G.E. Goddard

    There is already enough of a build up of traffic at school beginning/ending times, so what on earth is it going to be like by 2015 & beyond? Anyway the decision has already been made so why, as already stated, have a consultation after the fact? Why was it not held before?
    Dont they think of the local residents? There are two elderly peoples residencies in the two roads facing Kenmore Park Schools, plus the elderly in the houses, how on earth are they supposed to cope with all of the extra noise whilst the work is going on, & all of the extra kids, parents & traffic afterwards? It is bad enough now. Was any of this taken taken into account? Or at least given a thought to? I very much doubt that it was given a first, second or any thought!

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