Dec 03 2016

Consultation: Public Spaces Protection Orders

harrow_council_logoThe council would like to use new powers to get tough with people who:

  • Urinate, defecate or spit in public places
  • Are not prepared to clean up after their dog
  • Smoke in children’s play areas
  • Drive on footpaths and verges

In order to do this they wish to introduce what is known as a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). A PSPO would allow them to act quickly when they see these environmental crimes being committed. Breach of a PSPO is an offence for which an offender can be prosecuted and convicted by the Magistrates Court but the legislation allows them to issue fines (Fixed Penalty Notices) as an alternative to taking the matter to court. Not only do PSPOs make it easier for them to take action, but they hope will also make people think twice before acting anti-socially.

In order to make this happen, they need to check whether you, the people of Harrow, would welcome them being able to act in this way when tackling the issues above – that’s why they’ve designed this survey.

They also want to use it to hear from you about environmental problems in your area, so that they can target the areas of Harrow worse affected.

You can respond to the survey here.


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  1. Mike N

    Isn’t it a pity that yet again a Harrow Council survey has to end with the usual politically correct rubbish asking what age, sex,sexual orientation, race, colour ethnic origin, etc etc I am. Does it matter! Almost as many questions for their box ticking exercise as the survey itself.

  2. Someonewhocares

    No it does *not* matter: Councils tell us that they are required to do this ‘by Law’; Not all explain however that it is completely optional to answer such questions though!

  3. Mike N

    I know you don’t have to complete this politically correct rubbish but it is fun to do so. I wonder if I’m the only over 65 year old black homosexual male that was a different gender at birth who’s both married and in a civil partnership and of Asian origin, who has a disability and also practises Buddhism in Harrow. That’ll have someone panicking. The computer says no!
    On a lighter note I always thought that crapping or peeing in public, driving on the grass verges or pavements was already illegal under various laws/ bylaws. Harrow council haven’t seem particularly interested in it up to now. Oh silly me, instead of having to take them to court with the fine money going to central government, a fixed penalty ticket would put the money straight into Harrow councils bank account

  4. Lisa

    I think this is a great idea about time people were made responsible for their actions

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