Feb 03 2017

Council Adds Insult to Injury on Brown Bin Tax

harrow_council_broken_22Harrow Council, having decided that charging residents to collect their brown bin waste wasn’t enough, have sent out letters to all those residents who had signed up to the brown-bin collection scheme a letter, offering them a 10% discount if they signed up in January for another year. The worst part? The letters were timed to arrive after the end of January, so residents wouldn’t receive them in time to actually take advantage of the saving.

Coming in the same week that the council’s Chief Executive was ridiculed by @harrowwestca for being ‘asleep at the helm’ residents must be starting to wonder exactly what they’re getting for their money.


It’s also worth reminding readers that the original desperate attempt to get more sign-ups with the 10% discount neglected to mention it was only for those paying by Direct Debit.

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  1. B. shah

    It was a waste of money to send letters offering the 10% discount at the end of January. I got mine on 1st February and when I rang the council they said the offer was not there anymore and I would have to pay the full amount before end of April. Imagine all that money wasted in stationery and postage for those meaningless letters

  2. Shambhu Gupta

    I received the letter on 31 January. I am glad it came that day as I have a big garden and I need this service. Letter should gave mentioned that the discount of 10% was only for those who were paying by Direct Debit.

  3. Springett

    In fairness a notice arround Christmas was left on all the wheelie bins stating about the discount and what you could save which was £7.50 or £4. I made sure that my neighbours knew so that they could get the discount. What was missing on both the notice & letters was a phone number for those that are not computer savvy.

  4. Rosalyn

    What was also missing from the notices around Christmas was any mention of payment by Direct Debit, just online.

    At the beginning of January a lady I know in her 90’s, who doesn’t have a PC, asked her neighbour who does have a PC to renew her brown bin on line for her to take advantage of the sale. He didn’t chose the direct debit option as he wasn’t aware he needed to, why would he ? This lady followed the councils suggestion and has lost out. She tried phoning the council to query this and gave up holding on to be put through.

    To add insult to injury on 31st January she received a letter suggesting she might like to renew her brown bin collection which naturally she found confusing. I’d like to know how much money has been wasted on all these notices/cards/posters?

    The brown bin charade is a complete disaster.

  5. J. Patel

    We residents pay enough Council Tax we should not have to pay for these bins to be collected, we must wait and see what happens to our Council Tax, I expect it to go up a lot again because that is what Labour does, its not fair to those of us that live in Harrow

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    I received the notice in time and contacted the Council’s Garden Waste department to pay by Direct Debit over the ‘phone.I was told that they were not set up to do this on the spot but that a colleague would phone me back and take the monies as requested,so I would get my 10% discount.I have been given a Reference Number which entitles me to the discount.

    I am still waiting to be contacted.Not everyone wishes to pay online.There must surely be more than one option.One size does not fit all!

    I have spent fifteen minutes on the phone and presented the details.Waiting patiently to be contacted.!

  7. Graham

    I renewed online before the end of Jan but it seems my direct debit may not have gone through. I have been in contact via the council’s Facebook site but nearly 2 weeks on I still don’t have an answer.

    Can anyone please tell me where to find the telephone number for the garden waste department as I would much prefer to speak to someone on the phone.

    1. Rosalyn

      Graham, on the email I received from the council confirming the set up of my direct debit it states the phone number 02088635611 which is the main switchboard. When you say your direct debit may not have gone through I assume you mean debited to your bank account? The email also advises me the payment will be taken on 7th March.

      Good luck getting through on the phone!

  8. Graham

    Thanks for the telephone number Rosalyn, might well have to give them a call.
    I didn’t word my post that well, I should have said my direct debit may not have been set up rather than not gone through, sorry for the confusion.

  9. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Question the letters were posted from Richmond ,is this another outsourced debacle.

  10. Sonoo Malkani

    Would somebody responsible for setting up Direct Debits from the Garden Waste department PLEASE take the trouble to contact me and take my direct debit instruction.I have been given a reference number entitling me to the 10% discount and am waiting for them to come back to me since my fifteen minute phone call on 18 January.

    I would much rather put this matter to bed and get on with other more pressing duties.Many thanks.

  11. Sonoo Malkani

    Grateful to hear from Cllr Henson who is getting this matter sorted.He explained the whole idea was to save on the costs and encourage online payment but I insisted that people must be given a choice.All the same,looking forward to a phone call so I can pay up!

  12. Sonoo Malkani

    Still no phone call as promised.Could somebody please contact me?

  13. Graham

    I phoned the council a short while ago and set up the direct debit with them no problem. Also got an email straight away confirming it’s been done.

    Sonoo, rather than waiting for them to call you I would suggest you ring 02088635611 and when prompted answer ‘garden waste’ then choose option 3 to speak to someone. Took around 5 minutes to set up. Hope you get it sorted out ok.

  14. Sonoo Malkani

    Thanks so much Graham.I will do so right away and try to get this sorted.

  15. Sonoo Malkani

    At last!A very helpful,charming and patient member of their team,Lydia,did the needful and helped set up the Direct Debit with the 10% discount which had been registered last month.Bit of a result.Well pleased!Money will be taken on March 7.Useful knowing that!

    1. Graham

      Excellent news, Sonoo.

  16. Wealdstone Warrior

    Meanwhile multiple occupancy homes are not being charged any extra for bin collections. Has anyone made the link between the uprising of MHO and fly tipping. Instead of dealing with rogue landlords and MHO, the council are throwing more money at hiring clean teams.

    Start cracking down on MHO, charge landlords of MHO business rates. Why should ordinary families pay council tax and extra tax for garden waste, when non resident landlords are renting out every room in a property, with only 1 set of bins to dispose of rubbish. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why fly tipping is becoming worse as MHO tenants are disposing of their rubbish elsewhere as not to upset the landlord by dumping it outside of the property.

  17. Sonoo Malkani

    That sounds very unfair and should be looked into right away.Perhaps someone would advise WHY this is so!I have little or no knowledge about our BINS.Out of my depth!

    1. red mirror

      Sounds like the council are trying to keep a lid on things lets rubbish them for the tsunami of detritus that they are letting flood the good boro.

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