Oct 14 2013

Council blitz team gets stuck in!

susan_hall_leaderSTRIMMERS, spades and clippers at the ready, Harrow Council’s newly relaunched ‘blitz team’ got into action today (Monday October 14th) by cleaning up alley ways running off Rayners Lane.

The specialist five- person unit cleaned litter and cut back undergrowth along six stretches of alley, approximately two miles in length, at the start of what is a rolling programme to tackle eyesore areas across the borough over coming weeks. The Rayners Lane clean-up is expected to take 48 hours.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, announced the formation of the unit as part of a £500,000 investment in environmental measures which will also see increased cleaning for secondary shopping centres and the reversal of the “wilderness’ parks policy which has led to some open spaces becoming overgrown. The authority has approved funding to recruit an additional 21 staff to its environment department.

Cllr Susan Hall said: “I said I was determined to clean up Harrow, and the Blitz team have been in action this morning showing people that’s exactly what’s happening on the streets right now. Alley ways can, if not kept clean and secure, become cul-de-sacs of crime in their own right and we are putting a stop to that. Rayners Lane is one of the areas that has seen most neglect, so it’s absolutely right we start there.”

She continued: “Over the coming days and weeks, you will see continual clean-up operations of this kind across the borough. Local people want to see an end to shabby streets and public spaces, and that is what we are going to deliver.”

rayner_lane_cleanupThe Council is also bring back the “Weeks of Action”, an initiative under which the council and Harrow police carry out an intensive session of cleaning and checks on potentially anti-social behavior in different locations across the borough, The locations and dates for the Weeks of Action will be announced shortly.

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