Nov 20 2012

Council campaign launched to stop plugged-in teens being wrong footed

Distracted teens plugged into their smart phones as they make a dash to leave the school gates are the target of a hard-hitting Council campaign for Road Safety Awareness Week.

Harrow Council’s campaign targets young people between the ages of 14 to 19 who can’t live without their smart phones and are more likely to be the victim of traffic accidents. It has been the inspiration for graphic art students at Nower Hill who created a piece of street artwork to illustrate the dangers of being distracted on the road.

The students produced some pavement art emblazoned with the slogan “dying to stay connected.” The street art is strategically located at the entrance to the school so that all students would have to walk over it and be exposed to its message.

Mariana Maksymowych aged 16, a Nower Hill student who helped put the art together, said: “This was a great opportunity to raise awareness in a way young people will take notice”

George Nagle, Assistant Head teacher of Nower Hill, said:  “With close on 2,000 students and staff leaving school after 3.15 pm every week day the likelihood of an accident is increased dramatically as large numbers cross the road. Full of energy, exuberance of youth and a desire to socialize and meet up with friends’ distraction will be at a peak. The pavement art will focus the attention and generate conversation about road safety, self-awareness and looking out for your mates.

“I cannot think of a better way to raise this profile than using intelligent street art which the students will appreciate and respect. If such a project prevents one accident then it is well worth it.”

Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community Safety, Councillor Phillip O’Dell, said: “Pedestrian road safety is very important to us and we are constantly looking for new ways and ideas to promote safer ways for pedestrians, both young and old, to use the roads around them. Our young people need to understand the dangers of being distracted by the use of electronic devices and I would like to congratulate the students for such a novel and creative way of raising awareness of such a serious message.”

Picture includes: Lucy, Davies, Amel El Reghebi, Ellis Thomas, Reiss Hinds, Andrew Lewis, Mariana Maksymowych, Ashna Patel, Meera Shah

Photo Credit: Dermot Carlin


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  1. Jeremy Zeid

    The definition of someone, anyone, who plugs themselves into an iPod while crossing a busy road, an iDiot .

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