Sep 14 2016

Council Celebrates IBM Big Brother Deal with Bubbly and Snacks

harrow_council_brokenYou could probably hear the champage corks popping at the Civic Centre last week, when the council announced it had a signed a ten-year deal with IBM to deliver something called Watson Health. Its certainly a major win for IBM, with the council being the first UK local authority to spend an undisclosed amount of cash on something yet to be proven in the UK market.

However, enough’s been written about the deal, without anybody actually saying what it does or what benefits it brings to the taxpayer in the borough, other than council Chief Exec Lockwood saying it will help “…deliver better services with better outcomes, all for less cost…” which doesn’t actually tell us anything at all.

Continuing the theme of using big words which don’t clarify anything, the press release from IBM said: “The enhanced Watson Care Manager solution is designed to create an integrated approach to health and social care that improves individual choice while meeting the requirements of NHS and other local authorities.

Pictures, as they say, speak a thousand words, so here’s a picture of the fine ol’ feast that was laid on to celebrate the momentous occasion.

20160914_booze_nightThe council has been asked how many bottles of champagne were drunk at this party, but declined to answer.

Oh, and the ‘Big Brother’ bit in the headline? Here’s the final snip from the PR spiel: “The Watson Health Cloud can mask individual identities and information to be shared and combined with a dynamic and constantly growing aggregated view of clinical, research and social health data.”  It’s all well and good the council collecting all this data, but can they be trusted not to reveal it, even accidentally?

Many thanks to my anonymous source inside the council for providing this picture.

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  1. red mirror

    i would not be celebrating at all let’s look at ibm the founder thomas j watson .He provided the technology for the third reich to numerically process the jews in the death camps during ww2 AND received a medal for his services what a sterling chap just business all a long time ago eh?.
    I have stated before on this forum that society is headed for the technotronic transhumanist world and this is just part of it the time is coming very quickly now when everyone will be integrated into one all encompassing ai big brother totalitarian society.
    Call me a conspiracy theorist nut whatever its in your face people and YOU are paying for it the ignorant little lab rats .
    Research this for yourselfs then make your mind up CAVEAT EMPTOR.

  2. ngerogi

    Excellent report. What savings at what costs? How can they place an order without being able to answer those questions?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    I expect it was paid for out of the £6.000 paid to David Perry to advise Sachin Shah on how to be a Council leader. I am sure he would have generously donated his £6.000 fee to pay for Council champagne receptions.

    Given that there has been an overspend, I am sure they would never consider paying for Council feasting out of council tax funds.

    Oh no, I just realised that the £6.000 probably came out of Council tax payments.

  4. red mirror

    i wonder just who was in attendance at this conciliabule ?lockwood obviously i can just imagine hes sardonic inhuman grin as he seals the deal.
    I despair of peoples apathy over such mergings of state and the corporate which by definition is fascism.
    once again no accountability no (PROPER EXPLANATION) just waffle corporate jargon well what else could we expect from lockwood i wonder where he will be holidaying next year ? ill stop now i am feeling physically sick oh but watson health could predict that im sure.

  5. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    You should all stop moaning Pfftttt IBM Watson won Jeopardy! in 2011. what more do you want LOL!!! If they wanted to be taken seriously I do not think I would put that on the website.



    I would also point out that it does Finance as well

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