Jul 15 2015

Council Chief Exec to Tell Us What He Does; Expects Q&A session – July 21, 2015 8.00pm

Michael Lockwood_ 150px x 208pxSouth Harrow’s residents’ association, SHARRA, has arranged for Michael Lockwood, Chief Executive of Harrow Council, to present at their next quarterly meeting. The presentation is likely to be a short overview of the top man’s responsibilities, and some detail of the services that the council provides for residents.

SHARRA doesn’t normally invite non-members to it’s meetings, but this is a rather exceptional event, and bound to be of interest to residents right across the borough, so you’d probably be welcomed with open arms.

What the association would say, however, is that this isn’t an opportunity to bring up trivial or obviously local issues – they should be addressed to your ward councillors – but this is more an event to question the Chief Executive on how the council runs, what services it provides, how it’ll manage to save the £70,000,000 that it’s looking to, and so on.

  • When: Tuesday July 21, 2015 from 8.00pm
  • Where: South Harrow Baptist Church, Northolt Road, South Harrow – adjacent to Iceland.

Parking is very limited – you may be better off leaving your car in a parking bay on Northolt Road, which will be free of charge at that time.


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  1. F.D.Billson

    Does anyone know what profound information was announced at this meeting ?

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