Oct 11 2016

Council Gets School Expansion Costs Wrong; Looks to Borrow More

harrow_council_broken_22Sneaked into the Council’s cabinet papers for next week is the damning confession of a council which can’t get it’s costs right:

“However, the account valuations provided by the contractor vary significantly to those provided by the council’s cost consultants and this could be a further pressure, and may require council borrowing to fund.”

Source (section 38)

This was all about the School Expansion project, which will see yet more costs heaped upon residents, as the council continues to borrow money to dig itself out of a hole of it’s own making. More borrowing equals more interest payments, which ultimately show themselves in higher and higher council tax bills. All whilst the council hands out payrises to it’s execs and payments to it’s ex-leader.

Somethings not right here, surely?


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