Jun 28 2016

Council Goes Digital; Gets website address wrong

Spotted in the Council’s Members’ Information Circular for June 2016:

20160628_harraw_councilWhere’s the quality? It’s a multi-million pound organisation, which runs schools and colleges. It’s not a Mickey Mouse style blog (ahem), and really, if they get this wrong, what else are they messing up (no, Cllr Hall – nobody’s asking for a list, thanks).

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  1. susan hall

    You couldn’t make it up could you. Everything is going to pot………

  2. Christopher Langley

    Susan, you seem to have a short memory about mistakes or should I say the Conservative Government’s incompetence – including £1.2 million lost to the Department for Education because a school made a payment to the wrong account; the £11 million lost by the Department for Work and Pension because it overpaid work programme providers; and the £1.74 million spent by the Home Office on scheduled flights that it later cancelled. Amongst the £3.1 billion that the Ministry of Defence wasted was £4 million on the early withdrawal of the Sea King helicopters, and £7.2 on a mobile mine detection system that didn’t work.

    Your worry about a typographical error is hardly newsworthy. I suggest you worry about the mistake David Cameron made in having the EU referendum.

  3. susan hall

    Christopher you really are bitter about the referendum result aren’t you, thats a shame because we must all look forward. I thought you were the Christopher Langley that was an active member of UKIP in the past-that must be a different C. Langley

    My comment above was referring to the Labour run Council

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