Feb 13 2013

Council Hunts Down Back of Sofa; Finds Loose Change for Potholes

pothole-150x150There’s rumour from Harrow Council that they’ve found £200,000 squirreled away somewhere, which they’ll be spending on fixing a pothole or two across the borough. Many residents will have noticed roads literally falling apart after the recent weather conditions and sustained lack of maintenance over the last few winters. Cllr Phil O’Dull says that, “…the condition of our roads is a major concern for residents…” which we’ll take with a pinch of salt, since the Council refused to answer our questions about how many claims they’d received for compensation for damage caused to cars by potholes.

Whilst it’s certainly good news that the potholes will be getting some attention, it’s also odd that the Council are planning to cut the £273,000 from the road maintenance budget. Could this be some tacky PR spin to try and cover that up, and appear as superheroes? Are we going to see Great Leader Idaikkadar wearing his underpants over his trousers? This is exactly the same stunt they pulled with Harrow Young Musicians: rip away their grant, and then appear to be heroes when they suddenly find a pot of cash under the stairs.

Honestly, you’d think there was a by-election in the offing or something.

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