Oct 12 2014

Council Launches Welldon Park Schools Consultation

harrow_council_logoThe Council posted leaflets about the proposed Welldon Park Schools expansion through letterboxes of houses in the roads surrounding the schools late last week. The two page missive includes a brief background and the supposed need to expand the schools, and a response form that can be completed and returned to either of the two schools, or to the council. You can download a copy here.

Yet again, this simple enough letter manages to confuse residents, not – we’d hope – intentionally. For example, it says in one paragraph:

“It is proposed that Welldon Park Infant and Junior Schools are expanded in Phase 3 of the school expansion programme from September 2016.”

Then, just one line done, it says:

“It is proposed that both Welldon Park Infant and Junior Schools will be expanded to become three form of entry schools (90 places) from September 2015.”

So, which is it: 2015 or 2016?

And does this mean both schools would expand from 2015 (or 2016)? The Junior school wouldn’t need to expand until the reception class of 2015 ripples upwards to year 3 – so why expand now?

The letter is vague on how the schools would accommodate an extra 90-120 children each: wouldn’t this mean expanding the school hall so they’d all fit into assemblies? What about back-office and admin staff? What about extra parking for the extra teachers, teaching assistants, etc?

It’s all a bit of a bodge, really.

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