Apr 13 2013

Council Leader’s Blog – April 13, 2013

thaya_idaikkadar2It’s hard to think of many jobs more important than providing care and support for vulnerable people. For too long so many of the country’s elderly and those on the lowest incomes have lived in fuel poverty and simply cannot afford to heat their homes when they need to. This is simply unacceptable. It’s the very reason I entered into politics in the first place – they need our support most of all and cannot be ignored.

This is why I’m thrilled to see how successful this Labour administration has been in the ‘Harrow’s Big Energy Switch campaign’. Councils across London have signed-up to the London-wide scheme and together, all authorities have organised an ‘energy auction’ in which providers offered their cheapest tariffs to everyone who registered. It’s an important campaign and delight to see that Harrow has the second highest number of registrations out of all London Councils with more than 2,000 registrations. Cheapest tariffs have now been offered to those who have taken part. If you haven’t registered don’t worry there’s still time for residents who missed the deadline. Those interested in taking part can pre-register online by April 22 and will be offered a cheap tariff, just visit www.biglondonenergyswith.org.uk or alternatively contact 01561 378 668. For more information visit www.harrow.gov.uk/housewarmers.

The health and wellbeing of residents should always be put at the heart of a responsible council’s agenda. This is why we now have a shared public health service with a neighbouring Council. We have established a cutting-edge public health leadership service by exploring ways to share resources which will deliver a greater impact. This will drive back office staff costs down and free up vital funds that can be spent on front line services. However, the two councils will remain in charge of decisions regarding public health spend and priorities.

Supporting our communities is at the heart of everything that we do at the Council and there is no question that community spirit is alive and well in Harrow. You only need to look at the thousands of residents who enjoyed street parties across the borough at last year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This is why we are planning one of the biggest social events of the year – the Harrow Community Lunch. With just two months to go until the big day on Sunday, June 2, we are urging as many residents as possible to put their street party arrangements in place. We waived road closure fees for one day so residents can mingle with their neighbours for the day over a bite to eat, a chilled drink, and some music. If you would like to organise a street party you will need to submit a road closure request by April 30. For more information on how to organise a street party visit www.harrow.gov.uk/howto.

And last but in no means least – it is with the greatest pleasure I have to announce the welcome return of Harrow’s premier cultural outdoor festival – ‘Under One Sky’. The exuberant and enhanced programme of dance and world music will be held at Byron Park, Wealdstone, from 12.30pm to 9pm on Sunday, June 30. There will be something for everyone at this year’s festival with more than 100 acts and activities that will keep children and adults entertained throughout the day. For further information visit www.underoneskyharrow.co.uk.

Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar

Leader, Harrow Council

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  1. AllThingsGood

    So you think this is more important than signing up to the national runaway charter like some other councils have done! A charter that pledges Councils will help runaway children or ones that slip through the net and disappear! Yet you maintain you are a caring council and help the vulnerable………what absolute tosh!

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