Dec 03 2017

Council PR Spin: Don’t say “neglected” say “to get makeover” you numpties

If there’s ever a case not thinking before speaking, it has to be this. Harrow Council have announced plans to do a spot of work at Newton Park. And in proper PR-style, published s short press release.

However, there must have been some dismay at the Council when someone realised that the title of aforementioned PR spiel was “Neglected park revived.” Cue some quick thinking and it was deftly changed to “Newton Park to get makeover” which, I’m sure you’ll agree, sounds so much better. There’s a screen shot below, where Feedly captured the change of title.

It’s nice that the council feels it can be honest with residents about the dreadful state of the borough’s parks – they’re left unlocked, leaves not swept, discarded drug paraphernalia litters pathways and other anti-social behaviour occurring – but to try and then rewrite history? Not so smart.

So, what is it? Is it a “neglected park” or is it just in need of a “makeover”?

For those wondering, the content of the two articles was identical – you can read about the plans here.

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  1. Peter

    Harrow parks are not neglected. . Have you actually visited any of them? An enormous amount of work goes it them both from overworked borough staff, about 22 staff for 57? parks and open spaces, and volunteers. The whole tone of this nasty post is both ignorant, sneering cynical and nasty. Not a positive word in it. Who are you? Many new trees have just been planted aross the bourough’s parks and open spaces. Did you volunteer to help plant any? Will you help out on the next voluteers litter pick working party in the nature reserves?
    Ps and you leave the leaves for the worms

    1. Someonewhocares

      As far as I can tell this article was primarily about the Council’s dire PR, however:

      Compared to how they once were Harrow’ s parks ARE most certainly neglected… Oh sorry I mean “suitable for a makeover.” Perhaps that’s precisely because the staff are overworked and the parks are not locked at night (etc)? Perhaps it is because the Council expect the tax-paying volunteers to do much more of the work now?

      Who are YOU? Maybe you are one of those in the Council who will be expecting the Friends’ groups (now ‘policing’ the Parks) to pay insurance in the future in order to then “volunteer” to clean them up? Or are you one of those who think it is OK to build on them now (eg. Byron)?

    2. red mirror

      peter really? i worked on the grounds maintenance two hour breakfast in roxborough park parked up hiding every day 1 hour before hometime same with the day packs who often frequent various bookies all over the borough so who are you? harrow council is inefficient not fit for purpose and wasting peoples hard earned council tax people who have to work in the real world with targets deadlines and heavy workloads. STOP IT.

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