Oct 28 2014

Council Recruiting ‘Snow Champions’ to, uh, Shovel Snow

SnowFlakeVectorsHarrow Council, with the recent rebrand of Neighbourood Champions to Community Champions, has announced that it will train some of the Champions to act as Snow Champions:

The Council is committed to providing grit and equipment to enable willing volunteers to spread grit on their pavements in icy weather conditions. This winter 2014/2015 sees the launch of a scheme for 100 Community Snow Champions to take part in a pilot. The results of the pilot will provide information on the effectiveness of the scheme and shape how it is delivered in the future.

They propose to recruit 100 Snow Champions from a mix of Ward Councillor recommendations, Community Champions and Council Employees. “We would,” they say, “hope to have a spread of Snow Champions across the borough however it is likely that for this trial year members will be selected on a first come first served basis.”

The training will include a practical session at Central Depot where Snow Champions will be given advice and information on personal safety, manual handling, salt usage and highway safety.

Fancy getting involved? Community Champions will have received an email with training dates and sign up details.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian


    Would you be able to find out how many councillors have signed up for training to shovel snow?

    If a resident has an accident while shovelling snow and putting down grit will the council pay compensation.

    1. iharrow.com

      Unlikely they’ll tell me anything without an FOI request. Although they do say they’ve spoken to their insurance company, so this could turn out to be either a good thing, or a disaster. Personally, I wouldn’t want untrained but well-meaning residents wandering about on slippery roads, but let’s give them a chance. Maybe they’ll get this thing right…?

  2. mike mcfadden

    Being Nu-labour they will just go into denial and wait for the snow to melt!! Then say what snow can you prove it!!! Take photo’s my friends. ha ha ha

  3. old harrovian

    good idea for quick response to footpaths and front gardens to help elderley and invalids to move around and leave their premises… Very good for hospitalS stations , bus stops, and schools to make access.
    but what about the many community service offenders available to the council there must be quite an army that could clear leaves and clear litter all year round but the publiic never see where these people are ( probably drinking tea somewhere}

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    I have no objection to clearing my drive, the pavement in front of my house or helping out some elderly neighbours and have done so in previous years. However, I agree with old harrovian why can’t the community pay back offenders work with the council employees to clear the snow and grit the borough..

    I get the idea it is just a way to recruit cheap labour e.g FREE.

    Will we see photographs of leader Dave with a shovel clearing a path to the Civic Centre.?

    Also the Independent Councillor Georgia Weston and Conservative leader Susan Hall have both spent a day gaining knowledge of rubbish collection in Harrow.

    When we will see photographs of leader Dave accompanying the dustmen on their rounds?

  5. Harrow Dude

    I’d like to say ‘you couldn’t make it up’ but it seems that this is now the Harrow way…Think of something totally ridiculous, put ‘Champions’ on the end of it and bingo we have our next pointless innovation. Surely we have council staff that do this when it snows, after all they can’t exactly sweep the streets or cut the grass?

    Who’s non-job will it be to manage this nonsense and how much will it cost?

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