Dec 10 2013

Council report highlights Labour regeneration success

labour_roseCouncil report highlights Labour regeneration success

A Harrow Council report that has just been published shows that the Borough continued to grow under the previous Labour administration. The Authorities’ annual monitoring report (AMR) for the period ending 31 March 2013 shows:

  • 736 net new homes were completed last year, over twice the target of 350 per annum.
  • 330 affordable units were delivered against a plan target of 140 per annum. Of all residential dwellings delivered over the year, 45% were affordable housing.
  • Since 2009 there has been a net increase in retail floorspace of 5,623 sqm of which 1,992 sqm was completed in the last year.
  • North Harrow centre which was previously the centre with the Boroughs highest vacancy rate at over 40%, has dramatically improved, and now has a vacancy rate at around 6% which is at the Borough average.
  • All key Green Grid projects for last year were completed successfully.
  • There has been no loss of Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land.

Cllr Keith Ferry (Labour) who was responsible for planning and regeneration during this period said “This report confirms that the planning policies that the Council has adopted since 2010 are starting to bear fruit. The property industry has at last realized that Harrow is open for business and the residents of the borough are the beneficiaries”

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  1. Kind David

    This is such non-sense. Get it right Harrow Labour Party.

    The fact of the matter is that Independent Labour Group’s Thaya Idaikkadar was the Leader for this time period!

    Labour Party loves to take the credit even when it is not due but consistently shy away from responsibility if all goes belly-up. Hypocrisy of highest order.

    Free parking provision in manifesto for 3 and half years – No action. Who acted, Independent Labour Group and Thaya Idaikkadar. But let’s take the credit anyway.

    Ferry’s Harrow Card fiasco – three and half years. No progress. No delivery. Shambles. Shy away, stay quiet.

    Discrimination, Racism allegations – No Enquiry – brush under the carpet, Blatantly perjure yourself on national television about independent investigation – hope people will forget come election time.

    Allegation of more than mischief in Parliamentary candidate selection for Harrow East: shhhhhhh!

    Not appointing own Deputy Leader to Cabinet as Non-Exec Member: Courtesy? Long service? Experience? No. Well, perhaps she has not got so much clout in the Labour Party may be so wont help at next AGM for the gang, will it?.

    List is endless but there is no shame.

    Please spare us!

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Councillor Ferry represents Wealdstone ward. Not much evidence of regeneration in Wealdstone. Where has he been all this time? Oh yes, kitting out a pretend florist in North Harrow. As far as I know that shop is still vacant.

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