Aug 25 2016

Council runs out of good news; regurgitates old news

harrow_council_broken_2Harrow Council appears to be struggling to find anything good to say about itself at present, since it has decided to regurgitate old news from several years back this week. It says:

As part of a new burglary prevention initiative Met officers are visiting 12,000 homes across Harrow. One of the tools they’ll be giving to householders is Smartwater – an indelible dye, only visible under UV light, that helps reunite people with their stolen property and links perpetrators to crime scenes.

Smartwater can be used on jewellery, mobile phones, bikes, power tools, tablets and other gadgets. It’s hated by criminals, has a 100% conviction rate in court and, where its use is advertised, serves as a great deterrent.

“New?” Amusingly, Smartwater was introduced under the Conservative administration way back in early 2010, so we’re in the unlikely scenario where a Labour administration is championing a Conservative initiative. Wonder if the Council’s PR team bothered to run that press-release past Leader Shah first…

The original initiative, written up here, said that “The SmartWater crime fighting strategy will be offered free of charge to the 85,000 private homes and social housing in Harrow.” At the time, deputy leader of the Conservative council, Cllr Susan Hall, said: “Making this anti-theft system available to every household in Harrow sends the signal to burglars that picking on this borough could prove career limiting to you. The investment in this product is a substantial one. But our residents quite rightly demand safe streets, and we are confident that offering this anti-burglar system to every home will help to deliver that.”

Also worth pointing out that so shabby is Lockwood’s council, they haven’t even bothered to update the article with the correct name: Smartwater is now branded as MetTrace in the Met’s policing area.

Regardless of the council’s inability to conjure up good news for residents, MetTrace – or Smartwater, as the Council calls it – is a real and proven deterrent, and it’s absolutely worth getting your hands on a pack from your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    I noticed on Streetife that someone has renamed Harrow Council – HORROR Council. Ha Ha Unfortunately the laughter is hollow as who wants a joke for a council.

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