May 20 2015

Council Seeks Help in “Transforming” Town Centre. Apply Within.

harrow_council_logoSpotted on the London Tenders Portal, we see that Harrow Council are looking to spruce up the Town Centre. In their plea for help – which they’ll pay you for – they say:

“The Authority is tendering for a team of specialist services to bring together a mix of skills in the area to transform an under-used and indistinct but key strategic place in the Opportunity Area into an area with a new sense of place and identity where businesses, residents and the wider community are supported to work together in developing a better designed, more attractive, safer, vibrant and more frequently used high street.”

Interested parties can get more details, and apply here. Personally, sending someone round to sweep up the piles of chicken bones and take away wrappers a couple of times a week, or to wash away to numerous puddles of piss and vomit on a Saturday and Sunday morning, would be a good place to start to “transform” the area.

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