Mar 26 2016

Council Tax… A Reader Writes…

harrow_council_brokenLooks like the Council is massively under-prepared, under-resourced, under-skilled, and under-water (heh!) at the moment with Council Tax bills landing on doorsteps… This is from a reader of iharrow – we’ve removed his name and personal details.

I would like to ask if anyone has tried to get in touch with any one at harrow council lately, I would like to share my experience….

Let me explain what happened today (Friday the 4th March), I received a email saying my council tax bill is ready to view in MyHarrow account online… when I looked it showed I had to pay the full amount of Council tax…..As my wife and I only get Pension credit we should be entitled to a discount…..

So I phoned the phone number on the bill to try and talk to someone about my query…I got through to an automated reply you know the type…. “if you want this press this number” and this went through about four stages… it got to a part were they asked if I had an MyHarrow Account (I pressed 1 for yes) and it said you can find all you need to know from there and cut me off”…….

As I wanted to speak to someone about my problem I immediately phoned back got the same thing,… got to the stage where the only two options were Press 1 if you have a MyHarrow or press 2 to get to someone who will set one up for you…. Then could not go back,.

So I phone back three times to try different ways to get to a real person……..all with no joy….. in my frustration I phoned back and every time it asked for a number I pressed the Hash Key it eventually got to a recording saying “we are very busy at the moment but you will be put through in around 8 to 10 minutes……..so I waited…………………….11 minutes!

A lady answered but to my utter utter frustration the lady said that “she was only going to add me to a call back service” I said you are on now can you not deal with it! She said no she is only going to set up a call back for me….. She did say I could take a chance and phone back around half past three and I MIGHT get through…. So I said “ok lets set up a call back and will it be today”……she then dropped another bomb shell and said it could take up to 48 hours for someone to get back to me and with it being Saturday tomorrow the 48 hours will start on Monday.

I thought I would try and make an appointment to speak face to face about my problem……I went on to MyHarrow account when I got to the part where it says “Book an Appointment” it gives you six options
One of them was Council Tax so clicked that one….then it gave another four options so I clicked on “Discounts and Exceptions”…….and this were I nearly through my monitor through the window…….. And topping myself ……it said “Welcome to Harrow Council’s one stop shop appointment service. Please be aware that we do not offer appointments for this service.”

As I said I am a 65 year old pensioner who is a little bit computer savvy! God knows how anyone who is not gets on..with this council.

Who the hell is running this council do they know what is going on

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Anyone facing this kind of problem who is not computer savvy will find it jolly frustrating.You should ask your local MP at surgeries to sort out this problem once and for all so we have CHOICE and EQUALITY of service.

    It’s all very well to ask people to do most things online in an effort to save money but when it means huge sections of our community find it difficult to mange the LocalAuthority must set up alternative methods which are USER FRIENDLY—and realise that one size does not fit all.We all pay our dues and are entitle to a good service which provides many easy options.

  2. Jake

    This is austerity. The ‘pointless back office nonjobs have been culled’. This is the result.

  3. Concerned Harrovian.

    I agree that Harrow Council must be more user friendly. it appears that they would do ANYTHING to avoid communicating with the public plebs who pay their wages. A telephone menu that doesn’t fit people’s requirement, mind numbing muzak,.referrals to other information sources that are like a maze and lead nowhere and waiting times of such length that people finally lose the will to live and give up on them.

    Yet the irony of it all is that we are paying for this inefficient, non-transparent service. I think they should give Harrow the wooden spoon award for the worse consumer(council tax payer) service.


    IT seems impossicble to talk to anyone by phone at cicvic centr you get same message and answer we are very busy So i visited the civic ctr and put on phone in reception connecting tio same machine reception saud they could do nothing . But council have plan to move to Wealdstone civic ctr has 6 car parks Wealstone will have none so it will be impossible to manually visit SO THEY WONT BE ABLE TO INVITE PUBLIC PROBLEM SOLVED

  5. Concerned Harrovian.

    If we can’t complain by telephone,, via the website and can’t visit the Civic Centre ( because there is little or no parking) they can say truthfully say COMPLAINTS we never have any!.

  6. the red mirror

    i imagine all the operatives were busy watching bestiality videos or hiding in smart cars consuming cream cakes LISTEN DONT PAY THE COUNCIL TAX YOU DONT OWE IT THEY WILL SOON CALL BACK OH YES BELIEVE ME.

  7. Sonoo Malkani

    Sorry to say they will send you a court summons and hit you with costs as well.We may as well have a”virtual Council”.People in charge are well paid and should come up with solutions which we –the Council Taxpayers can live with.It’s high time they applied themselves to problem solving instead of passing the buck.

    1. red mirror

      sonoo the council cannot summons anybody as no contract was ever signed a contract by legal definition has to have two signatures quite apart from the fact that harrow council print a fraudulent document purporting to be a court summons always question never be a sheep to these institutions its the totalitarian tip toe im afraid god bless x

  8. Sonoo Malkani

    That is a revelation–if that is the true position and some one ought to investigate this.The public does not expect this kind of carry on so someone needs to blow the whistle and let us know what the true state of affairs is.

  9. Peter Hamill

    The cabinet form of local government is inevitably non-democratic. The former committee structure was far more open – and cheaper.

  10. Keith

    Was told to get my Council Tax from my harrow, just as ohers had.

    The site did not work and I did not get it.

    I was lucky, got to talk to a helpful person, was told the system was not working and did I want a paper coy. Said yes and got it.

    Th whole system is amess!

  11. Sonoo Malkani

    Let’s hope things improve soon.The public deserve a better deal.

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