Nov 28 2014

Council Trumpet ‘New Park’ whilst Lowlands Park Remains a Building Site

harrow_council_logoThe council is trumpeting today that it will “create” a ‘brand new public park” in the borough, complete with ‘luxury properties’ that it will build to fund the area.

“Pinner Park,” it says, “will stretch from Headstone to Hatch End, and will cover an area bigger than Greenwich Park. It will comprise of over 230 acres of land which are currently occupied by a private company on Pinner Park Farm.” At the same time, it will evict ‘inappropriate industrial units’ from the site – units which the council has been happy taking rent off of for the last 64 years – and build a suite of ‘luxury properties’ – the sale of which will fund the park’s upkeep, or allow us to recruit another overpaid and under-needed Executive. The council even proudly announces that it’ll shave 30 acres off of what is already a bloody park for building. It’s a park, Dave. It’s already a park. What’s this nonsense about creating a ‘brand new park’?

Meanwhile, Lowlands Recreation ground, which is currently about as attractive for the borough as a dose of herpes, remains way over schedule, will probably go way beyond budget, and could quite feasibly be flogged off to a developer when we all forget that it ever existed.


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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Will the park have dog waste bins?

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