Jun 13 2013

Council’s Childrens’ Services Encourages Petition re: Vaughan School

harrow_council_logo2Followers of the Vaughan School expansion will probably be aware that the planning application has been deferred, unanimously, by Harrow’s Planning Committee. That’s fair enough – they obviously weren’t entirely happy with the application (from the Council’s Childrens’ Services department).

However, the Childrens’ Services department has now, it seems, asked Vaughan School to start a petition, to put to the council, in support of the scheme. Which means you have the applicant encouraging the school, to effectively petition itself.

It’s an odd state of affairs: and more so, when you learn that the Headteacher of the school then writes to parents seeking “class representatives” and “parents with a voice” to go “…out to the Vaughan community to raise awareness and generate a positive response to the Vaughan design and expansion.”

Does that seem appropriate?

When you read on, you find that some of the reasons that the school “needs to expand” include leaking roofs, mice infestations and poor drainage. Sounds much like a sledgehammer is being used to crack a nut here. Perhaps, the root cause of those problems is nothing more than neglect or poor management of the school environment in previous years?

The whole expansion is going to rumble on for a little longer yet. We’ve got more  FOI documents concerning the school to review, so expect updates in the coming days.

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