Dec 30 2014

Council’s “No Van” Policy at Civic Amenity Site to Stay

waste_dump2Cast your mind back to February 2014, when the Council, during Conservative Cllr Susan Hall’s administration, introduced a ‘no van’ policy at the Civic Amenity site in Forward Drive, following threats of violence and aggression against staff by irate van drivers (see here and here). Van drivers would be treated as commercial waste, instead of having a ‘three free tips a year’ policy. At the time, the idea was shot down as “unnecessary and unfair” by Dave.

In fact, the absent Leader’s group tried to derail the idea by demanding a call-in committee scrutinise the decision (minutes here). Ringleader of those who attempted to overturn the idea, Cllr Graham Henson said at the time, “You [Cllr Hall] are punishing every van driver in Harrow because of a few.”

Naturally, you’d expect Hall’s plan to be reversed at the earliest opportunity once the Labour group took control of the council, if they were that upset about it. Unfortunately for the Labour Group, though, the changes were a total success:

Since implementing the revised policy, there has been a very marked reduction in serious incidents on site, increased efficiency in managing waste brought to the site and increased revenue from waste deposited by vans.

Source: HRRC Van Policy Review

…and in late November 2014, the Labour administration quietly decided to keep the ‘no van’ policy in place.

More details here.



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