Dec 01 2015

CouncilSpeak: Major Developments Panel

harrow_council_brokenAn occasional article devoted to reporting “…examples of especially convoluted and impenetrable jargon…” from Harrow Council, and named after the much-admired Birtspeak 2.0 from Private Eye.

Members were advised that the majority of the land was owned by the Council and the scheme would consist of the reprovision of the social housing, 50% to buy and a community centre. It was planned to use existing entrances and create through routes for connectivity and portray an urban context adjacent to Northolt Road and a suburban context to the north with taller buildings to the south and using the roofline to give character and break scale down.

There would be a new pedestrian entrance onto Northolt Road, provision of a community centre at the confluence of routes at the centre of the development, a new pedestrian route to the retail park and village green.

Source: Major Developments Panel, November 4th


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  1. Someonewhocares

    No, I have read it three times now and it still does not make sense; Perhaps it is just actually Architect Speak/Gobbledook? They want us all to ‘buy into their dreams’ but then turn it into nightmares…Can we send it to Bletchley Park? Maybe they can decode it?

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I wonder if anyone at the council could achieve a plain English diploma?

  3. red mirror

    smoke and mirrors again friends to off set non compliance of the robots known as council tax victims.THE people that address the general PUBLIC in such a fashion have all been reframed which is a psychological technique to make employees act and speak in a certain manner the term used by programmers is nlp or neuro linguistic programming that’s why it comes across as so robotic and soulless welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Using some codes of my own I believe I have now found the ‘legendary source of the Council Architect Speak’:


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