Jan 09 2016

CouncilSpeak: Members’ Information Circular, December 2015

harrow_council_brokenAn occasional article devoted to reporting “…examples of especially convoluted and impenetrable jargon…” from Harrow Council, and named after the much-admired Birtspeak 2.0 from Private Eye.

New Civic Centre – 100 Day Programme

A programme of staff engagement for the New Civic Centre has taken place over 100 days this autumn.

The activities have included: a workplace observation study to look at how the existing Civic Centre’s desks, rooms and other spaces are currently used; a staff survey; roundtable discussions with Heads of Service, and a series of workshops considering the new workspace and how the new Civic Centre building and activities within it will connect with Harrow residents.

The findings of the 100 day programme are currently being compiled for a report due back in early January 2016. The report will help shape the design brief for the architectural team who will design the New Civic Centre.

Source: Members Information Circular, December 2015


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