Mar 05 2013

Cutting Back on Street Cleaning: First Luton, Now Harrow

waste_dump2With Harrow Council’s plans to cut back on street cleaning, many residents will be concerned that the borough will disintegrate into a cesspit of filth, despite the Council’s insistence otherwise. But what’s happened elsewhere?

Luton, for example, makes the pages of the Daily Mail this week, with a series of photographs much like our own Armpit collection provided by Twitter user @PraxisReform. Pictures of rats feeding on discarded takeaway food, cars vandalised and rubbish bins overflowing might be indicative of how Harrow will be a in a few years time.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]The concerns about rubbish in Luton follow the decision by the borough council to approve cuts to street cleaning services last year.[/pullquote]Of course, Luton Borough Council deny its a problem. According to Michael Garrett, leader of the Conservative group on the council, “Yes, the town has got problems but I cannot agree that it is a dirty mess,” he said. “I cannot agree with that at all.”

He continues: “‘The government has made local government cuts and Luton, as with other places, has had to cope with that. ‘In terms of street cleaning, I have not noticed that it has gone downhill. Parts of the town are run down but that is not really a fault of the council. It is doing its best under difficult circumstances.”

The cutbacks in Luton, which the council said would save £262,000 a year, resulted in the loss of 12 jobs from the council’s street cleaning team.

Harrow residents might want to take a look at the article – it gives an insight into how Harrow might look in a couple of years if this ludicrous plan to cut-back on street cleaning goes ahead – and prepare themselves to hear the parroted excuses from a council which hasn’t got a clue.

Source: Daily Mail


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