Jan 06 2015

Daily Mail on “Golden Payoffs” at Harrow Council

harrow_council_logoHarrow’s struggling council makes another appearance in the Daily Mail this week, on the subject of golden payoffs in the public sector:

Council chiefs have also cashed in under the existing system. Katherine Kerswell received a £420,000 payment in 2012 after just 20 months in charge of Kent County Council. The following year, she was handed a £140,000-a-year job by the Cabinet Office. Michael Lockwood was given a £168,000 pay-off when his role as chief executive of Harrow Council was axed in February last year, only to be re-hired in November.

Treasury Minister Priti Patel said last night that the time had come to end the culture of huge public sector pay-offs.

Regular readers will be aware that Lockwood, who apparently came bottom-from-last in the interview rankings, according to Private Eye, is to return to Harrow later this month, less than a year after leaving with a £30,000 golden goodbye plus pension. There’s been no mention on whether “Lucky” Lockwood will be handing back that £30,000 of residents money when he returns to head up the Council.

The role of Chief Executive, which was axed by the Conservative administration a year ago, will cost residents £1,000,000 over the next four years, at a time when the council is looking to axe childrens’ centres, close libraries, and impose charges for bin collections amongst many other ‘savings’ measures.

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  1. defeatedbybureaucrats

    You cant beat the “old boys club”. Its endemic in our council and we, the taxpayer are powerless to stop this from happening. Happy New Year folks !!

  2. Dame Betty

    Was the Chief Executive re-hired to spite the previous administration? I understand the post was not missed, so why bring him back at the cost of closing libraries?

    1. Angelina

      In short…….yes!

  3. Susan Hall

    I have been told Dame Betty that the Labour group are trying to reverse everything we did in our 9 months in control and they are doing that well. We Conservatives cleaned our streets, now they are getting dirtier, we froze Council Tax, Labour are proposing to increase it (again) and we removed the Chief Exec Position in order to save 1million pounds over the administration and they have just re hired the same officer we removed. Thus increasing the money they have to save. Thats why we have to contemplate losing Libraries etc. Their decisions are bizarre, I do hope residents tell them what they think. As for charging us taxpayers for the collection of the brown bin when we already pay the 3rd highest Council Tax in London it beggars belief!

  4. Paresh

    i constantly see council wastage in many forms in councils. Harrow is no different. Officers will give 1000’s of reasons of why they cannot cut. Labour needs to scrutinise every budget item and cost which they fail to do at every turn. Culture and change in councils is non-existence with pockets of good practice often hidden. Having a Chief exec is a failure on the Cllr Perry part to provide leadership to officers costing money. experienced in having worked at 7 councils trying to change them for the better and seeing first hand the waste that can be removed. Labour needs to get it act together like Cllr Hall did making every penny count!!!

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