Jul 16 2014

Dave to Announce Portfolio Holder Assistants (more cost) Shortly

harrow_council_logoHaving just appointed his Cabinet, Council Leader Cllr Dave Perry is about to announce two additional roles of Portfolio Holder Assistants, to help prop up both Cllr Simon Brown (Children, Schools and Young People) and Cllr Margaret Davine (Adults and Older People).

The cost? Each Portfolio Holder Assistant will be paid an additional £2040 per year on top of their (roughly) £8000 basic allowance.

It’s likely that Cllr Dave will also mention that this happens to be costing far less than the cost of appointing two non-executive non-voting members (ie: the opposition) to his cabinet. Scrutiny? What scrutiny?

Talking of which… Residents would do well to remember that the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee has traditionally been given to the opposition, to avoid claims of lack of independence – essential, for such a role. In fact, it was Labour who voted FOR that very position to be awarded to the opposition:

  • May 2006, when the Conservatives held the administration: Labour, including Cllr David Perry, voted for Chair of O&S to be held by the opposition.
  • June 2014: when Labour held the administration: Labour, including Cllr David Perry, voted against the Chair of O&S being held by the opposition.

Now, what was that story about a fox guarding the henhouse?

fox_henhouseSource: Minute 33, here.

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  1. Harrow Dude

    Still less than the additional £5k offered to Susie when she was a non-exec member on the ILG cabinet…

  2. Susan Hall

    We provided proper scrutiny on decisions made, as indeed did Labour when we were in charge. Now there is no scrutiny at Cabinet at all. Labour are frightened of us holding them to account and therefore as yet have not allowed us on Cabinet as non voting members. Their decision to destroy Neighbourhood Champions, to stop cleaning many roads to probably put up Council Tax are left unchallenged. What makes it worse is that Labour had a proper agreement with us before the election to allow the opposition on Cabinet. We Conservatives would have kept that promise but of course Labour have gone back on their word and they had to change the Constitution to do this. We will never be able to trust them again, their behaviour has been shocking and dishonourable

  3. Harrow Dude

    Susie Susie Susie, Harrow Council website says – Neighbourhood Champions are volunteers whose role is to inform us about everyday street level nuisances so that these issues can be speedily resolved, including: litter; graffiti; fly-tipping; noise; defective street lights. They can report to us via: our website, by email, by phone….

    How can Labour stop this occurring unless you know something I don’t know (which is unlikely) or is this just more Susie spin, destroy is such an emotive word a bit like festering don’t you think.

    I have read your Councillor questions from this weeks Cabinet papers and I’d like to ask you a couple.

    1) Can you tell me exactly what ‘great strides’ you made towards introducing a spitting and littering ban? ( I recall an on-line consultation and you refusing to explain how you intended to implement it but not a lot else)

    2) Apart from flying over the borough with a thermal camera and the odd photo-opp and soundbites on LBC. What ‘enormous’ amount of work did your administration undertake in the beds in sheds area?

    1. the red mirror

      and let us not forget dude the hairbrain scheme for the buble gum removal machine (petrol driven) not very eco freindly which heir susie dreamt up the peoples champions was just a psy op by susie and her common purpose cronies to try and refraim people and social engineer sorry susie BUSTED LOL.

  4. Harrow Dude

    Again your silence speaks volumes.
    You can’t re-write history Susie,we KNOW what you really did and so do you…

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