Feb 08 2015

Dave! Your @harrow_council Website is Broken Again!

Dave, Dave, Dave. Your website’s planning portal is broken yet again. You’re probably thinking that this isn’t a big deal; that residents should get used to the borough falling apart; that we should just be thankful that some things work some of the time – much like communist North Korean perhaps?

20150208_portal_brokenNow you’ve got your hired help back, can you at least do something – anything – to try and fix this mess of a planning portal? We’ve already seen consultations extended because it wasn’t working enough, and now it’s broken again. You’re an intelligent bloke – as a builder, you can build walls and mix concrete after all, which is something I’ve never managed to do properly. My bet is that you can even do a spot of plastering as well. And you probably make a great cup of builder’s tea (that’s strong with lots of sugar, Susan).So getting someone to fix this planning portal of yours shouldn’t be too hard.

Do us all a favour: get your arse in gear and get it sorted. Cheers.


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  1. Adrian Christiansen

    Much as Dave and Harrow Labour are an immense disappointment, you can’t blame them for website problems. Gone are the days when this kind of IT was done in-house.

  2. Susan Hall

    Adrian, I wish you were correct. However we Conservatives begged Harrow Labour and the then, and now returned, Chief Executive not take on the contract they did. Would they listen, no, not at all. The IT is a complete disgrace.

    Paul I know what builders tea is as a strong tea drinker myself and incidentally please don’t expect part time Perry to answer as it is not a Tuesday or a Thursday, his two working days.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    I think a company called Crapita is responsible for the maintenance of the website.

  4. sonoo malkani

    How much longer does Harrow have to put up with this sort of service?No point asking people to get online when the website is up the creek!

  5. Rosalyn

    Interestingly my daughters school in Harrow has recently experienced problems with their parent portal/website….yes it’s run by Capita too, so it doesn’t just affect the councils website

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