Jun 16 2014

Dave’s Cabinet at Harrow Council

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council announced its new cabinet line-up last night (Thursday June 12th), with creating jobs, building more affordable homes and working with the community at its heart.

The new portfolio for Community, Culture & Resident Engagement reflects the administration’s determination to engage with people across the borough at street level. The Council will be seeking a new relationship with voluntary groups and engaging in a major programme of consultation to ensure the administration’s priorities reflect what residents want.

The cabinet line-up also supports other administration priorities including keeping the borough clean, support and care for older residents and support for local businesses.

Cllr David Perry, who was confirmed as leader of Harrow Council, said: “This administration is all about consulting and empowering people so the council works with them and hears their views on major decisions. I believe this is a cabinet which contains the right mix of experience and new members who are full of energy and new ideas to make a difference for communities, businesses and families in Harrow, as well as supporting the most vulnerable and helping residents cope with the cost of living crisis. With £75m of cuts being forced on Harrow Council, our cabinet will look to consult with residents at every opportunity to bring about real and positive change in these challenging times for Harrow.”

The makeup of the new cabinet is as follows:

  • Leader – Strategy, Partnerships & Corporate Leadership: Cllr David Perry.
  • Adults and Older People: Cllr Margaret Davine
  • Housing: Cllr Glen Hearnden
  • Finance & Major contracts: Cllr Sachin Shah
  • Business, Planning and Regeneration: Cllr Keith Ferry
  • Public Health, Equality & Wellbeing: Cllr Anne Whitehead
  • Environment, Crime & Community Safety: Cllr Varsha Parmar
  • Children, Schools and Young People: Cllr Simon Brown
  • Performance, Corporate Resources & Policy Development: Cllr Graham Henson
  • Community, Culture & Resident Engagement: Cllr Sue Anderson
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  1. John Clement

    Er if its all about consulting & democracy, how come they refused a Tory deputy mayor. Some of us are not stupid enough to fall for this rubbish, but tragically we are stuck with these people again, so Harrow will descend even further into the sewer.

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