Jul 31 2014

Dave’s Chief Exec “Consultation” Ending Soon

harrow_council_logoDave’s 13-day “major consultation” (which then turns into a mere canvassing) ends on July 31st, so the select few invited to give their thoughts will need to get a move on.

Notably, out the the “about 5000” people who are being “consulted”, a large percentage of those are school staff, who had just three days at most to give their opinions before disappearing for the summer. It would be ungentlemanly to suggest that the timing of this straw-poll was carefully chosen to eliminate what could easily be a large chunk of potential respondents. So we won’t.

The council has, of course, been reluctant to provide any details, so, yet again, we’re forced to resort to FOIs to find out more about it. We’ve asked the council to provide:

– A copy of the communication sent to the above people, in respect of such ‘canvassing’
– The exact number of people canvassed.
– The exact number of responses received.
– Any email sent/received by (a) the existing head of paid service, (b) the head of legal services (c) Cllr David Perry concerning the timing of this canvassing.

We also received an email from a resident, expressing their own disgust over the whole thing:

Bumped into 3 Tory councillors last Saturday and I asked why the chief exec post is not being put out to public consultation ie tax paying residents? Apparently David Perry was asked why and the reply was he has covered himself by consulting ‘residents’ ie only the one’s that work for the council and not the wider public!

When I made noises that I was upset by this they said that they had already voiced their opinion against it, and that if I or anyone else wanted to raise a petition ie try and put a stop to it they should do it quickly, as they felt it was almost a done deal!!!!!!

Given there are only 13 days for this sham of a consultation, which excludes, by timing, just about every school staff member and those councillors who have waltzed off to their summer homes in France for a few weeks, means that there are really only the council employees left to canvass. And it possibly hasn’t gone unnoticed that Dave and his group were standing cheek-to-jowl with them over the recent strike action. Shrewd.

It’s also worth noting that the Overview & Scrutiny Challenge Panel, which was chaired by die-hard Labour councillor, Bill Phillps, said: “In general terms we agree with the Leader of the Council with regard to the need for change…”

Let’s see what the FOI comes back with, if anything.


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  1. Angelina

    This is not right which ever way you look at it. As a taxpaying resident who has not been consulted this is extremely poor show on Cllr Perrys part.

  2. Lisa

    And poor show when residents and employees were not consulted when the post was removed by Cllr Hall works both ways!!

    1. Angelina

      If a post is removed with an over inflated salary and the Council can run without a Chief exec then that can only be a good thing saving taxpayers money. Therefore it does not always work both ways.

  3. Mike N

    Would anyone really object to saving £180000 a year , that could then be spent on things that matter? Street cleaning, highway maintenance, schools, the elderly………I could go on and on. Come on get real !!

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