Dec 19 2012

David Gawn in Court for Sentencing on December 20, 2012

david_gawnDisgraced local councillor David Gawn (Labour, Harrow on the Hill) is due back in court for a final visit on December 20, 2012. Having pleaded guilty to two offences in both mid November (concerning a £7000 charge the he had  “dishonestly and intentionally made a representation which was untrue or misleading”) and early December (a £3000 fraud/attempted theft charge), this next appearance, which should almost certainly see him on first-name terms with court staff – is for him to be sentenced.

Amazingly, despite having pleaded guilty, Cllr Gawn has declined to stand down as a councillor, and, indeed, he’s under no obligation to do so: we understand that any sentence of imprisonment, including suspended sentences, of over three months is a disqualification from office. But disqualification only takes place after the end of any period allowed for an appeal. In the interim, whilst all this was taking place, he’s been collecting his local councillor allowance – not much, admittedly, but then it’s a significant amount more than he might be getting if he’s shipped of at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

If you’ve got an hour or two to spare, it may be worth going along to Court 4 at Harrow Crown Court in Hailsham Drive, where Cllr Gawn will be appearing in front of His Honour Judge Dodd QC at  around 12.00pm.

As soon as we know the outcome, we’ll update iharrow.com with the details.


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