Feb 01 2013

David Gawn waves Goodbye to Labour; Stands as Independent

david_gawnCllr David Gawn appears to have dropped out of the Harrow Labour Group and the Labour Party, if this posting by Sue Anderson (Labour, Greenhill) is anything to go by on the Harrow Times website:

David Gawn is no longer a member of Harrow Labour Group or of the Labour Party, so cannot describe himself as a Labour councillor. The law is that a councillor who has received a custodial sentence of 3 months plus is automatically disbarred from office. If found guilty but sentenced to a lesser penalty it is left to the individual councillor’s conscience whether they resign or not.

As far as we know, there’s been no public announcement – other than that – issued by Harrow’s Labour Group, so presumably residents of Harrow-on-the-Hill aren’t aware that they no longer have a Labour councillor representing them.

Cllr Anderson’s statement provoked an immediate response from another reader:

So were you happy for councillor Gawn to stay in the Labour group until you started getting phone calls from journalists about it?

In other Gawn news, you can view his register of interests (showing when he added or removed interests) here.

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