Aug 29 2013

David Perry on Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ Speech

labour_rose50 Years On – Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ Speech

With this week being the 50th year anniversary of the Martin Luther King ‘I have a Dream’ speech, this offers us all an excellent opportunity to celebrate the life and civil rights movement he embarked upon.

Against the odds Martin Luther King courageously spoke up for the opportunity for all and for us all to be treated equally, not just in America but across the world.

Martin Luther King is a defining character of the 20th Century who offered a hope to many. In listening to Martin Luther King’s messages of hope from his era, it brings food for thought much closer to home, and our collective responsibility to continue championing diversity and the opportunity for all regardless of one’s background.

In Harrow, we must continue to press for such ambitions and remember more of what unites us and that Harrow is a very cohesive place with a rich history of a diverse community working together….and long may this continue.

Cllr. David Perry
Leader of the Labour Group
Harrow Council

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  1. Harrow Bhm

    It is great to see Labour Group leader Cllr David Perry show interest in global African history with his article on Martin Luther King and the American civil rights movement.

    We look forward to seeing him and other interested councilors at the launch of Harrow BHM 2013 at Harrow Civic Centre on 30th September. This year’s theme ‘African British Civil Rights Since The 1960s’ should be of interest, particularly as it focuses on civil right movements closer to home in Britain, an area not as well known as the American equivalent.

    This free, inter-generational event is open to the whole community. For more information or to book: http://www.harrowbhm.eventbrite.com.

    Harrow BHM Group

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