Jan 16 2015

David Perry Suggests Burning Garden Waste Instead of £75 “Garden Waste Tax”

harrow_council_logoWhat’s going on? A Mr David Perry, according to the Harrow Times this week, is now suggesting that the “only way to dispose of garden waste is to burn it.”

David Perry, our invisible council leader – as regular readers will know – has suggested that the council charges residents £75 per year to collect their garden waste – with, of course, reductions for those on benefits who, you,might think, have ample time to trek to the Civic Amenity site during the week to dump their grass cuttings. But now, it seems – should you get your Perry’s mixed up – burning your waste could be the answer.

The Garden Waste Tax will add around 4% a year onto your already-likely-to-increase council tax, rocketing Harrow’s charges sky high. In fact, I don’t know of any council in the UK, let alone London, which charges more that Harrow will, once the Garden Waste Tax Supplement is taken into account.

20150116_burn_wasteStill, it’s reassuring to know that at least one David Perry here is looking after residents. Unfortunately, it’s not the one we’re all paying for. Hat tip to the two readers who sent this one in.

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