Dec 15 2012

Dear Diary: Harrow Conservatives launch their blog

Ever wondered what a Local Councillor does? The Harrow Conservative group have have moved themselves into the 21st century, and decided to keep a diary – a blog, if you will – on things they get up to on a day-today basis. Of course, as ex-Leader Cllr Bill Stephenson found out, having a blog is one thing: it’s keeping it up to date on a regular basis which is the important part – and the most work.

It’s good to see more councillors making themselves accountable to the pubic they serve – Labour’s Sue Anderson wrote a similar blog a while ago – 15 days, to be exact – and we’re looking forward to the next instalment.

A couple of extract from Cllr Susan Hall’s blog:

9:30am: My first meeting was with Chief Executive Michael Lockwood, who I meet with for two hours every week. These meetings are for me to raise concerns my Group or I may have about any Council-related business, and to be updated on current issues or developments affecting Harrow and the Council.

7:00pm: Rushed back to the office to finish preparing for the call-in of the Whitchurch Pavilion decision.

10:30pm: Arrived home, and finished the day with an hour of e-mails before heading to bed!

You can read the full diary entry, here.



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