Mar 02 2013

DfE Capital Funding Announced; Expect More Grumbling from Harrow Council

Harrow Council, which always seems to be comparing itself to Brent these days, despite being completely different, will, no doubt, be grumbling and encouraging its administration to start writing letters to the press, now that the Department for Education has announced its Capital Funding Allocations for the next year.

These figures basically set out how much cash the DfE will pump into boroughs for education. The full details can be read on the DfE’s website here.

So what’s likely to cause the expected batch of grumbling? Well if you sort the figures by “Total 2013-14 and 2014-15 Basic Need”, Harrow ranks 11th out of 19 boroughs taking home £14.6 million (Croydon is the highest with £63 million; Kingston upon Thames the lowest with £7 million).

Sorting the list by “Total 2013-14 DFC and Maintenance”, Harrow ranks 15th with £3 million, compared to Enfield at the top with £6.5 million and Kingston upon Thames at the bottom with £1.9 million.

Brent? They came 8th in both lists, in other words, getting more funding.

The list is below, but you can download all the data and play for yourself here.


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