Jun 06 2012

Diamond Jubilee Bin Collections in Harrow

It seems a lot of Harrow residents were caught out with bin collections due to the double Bank Holiday this week. It would have been perfectly reasonable to expect Harrow Council to publish – somewhere obvious! – details of the changed bin collection dates!

However, that didn’t happen, and most residents with a Monday collection would likely have presumed that their bins would be collected on Wednesday morning: both the Monday and Tuesday being a Bank Holiday.

But no, early on Tuesday, bin collections were underway, and certainly, where I live, a large number of bins weren’t out for collection. In fact, some had been taken out for Monday morning, and then taken back in again Monday evening unemptied.

Harrow Council has now published – in a great big purple box on it’s website – the plan for collecting bins this week, presumably as a result in a surge of telephone calls asking what’s happening.

If you did not leave your bin out for collection your bin will now not be collected until the next scheduled collection date.

The crews are currently working to the following schedule:

  • Tuesday 5 June collections are scheduled for Wednesday 6 June
  • Wednesday 6 June collections are scheduled for Thursday 7 June
  • Thursday 7 June collections are scheduled for Friday 8 June
  • Friday 8 June collections are scheduled for Saturday 9 June

So, in effect, collections are running one day late. Now why couldn’t they have just said that on their website, in the local papers, or via a bin hanger in the first place?

Source: Harrow Council


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