Mar 08 2012

Digital TV Switchover for Harrow Council Tenants

Preparations are well underway to ensure all Harrow Council tenants and leaseholders are ready for the digital switchover.

The Council is working with Virgin Media so that those few residents who still use a free analogue service from Virgin Media to receive just BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1, Channel 4 and Channel 5, are identified and given the particular type of switchover help they need.

This will only affect Harrow Council homes served by Virgin Media’s free analogue service and not those with a subscription to Virgin Media or any other provider. Harrow residents who are not tenants of Harrow Council should read this article instead.

Flats that currently use this free analogue service will need a new aerial to receive a TV signal after the digital switchover, which for them will be in December 2012. To target these residents, a message will first appear on their TV screens later this month containing a helpline telephone number to contact. This initial message will be repeated later in the year.

Once they register their details on the automated helpline, the Council will arrange to have the new Freeview aerial installed before the analogue signal is finally turned off.

The new arrangement will actually result in the affected residents receiving more channels at no extra cost. The message will only appear on the TV screens of those affected, so Harrow Council is urging residents not to ignore it if they see the message and to call the telephone number displayed on the screen as soon as possible.

Portfolio holder for Housing, Cllr Bob Currie said:

“This particular switchover advice will only impact a small group of residents: those who currently rely on the free analogue service from Virgin Media. It is important that these homes are properly prepared and able to get the most of the new digital switchover. Only those residents who are affected will see a message on their TVs asking them to call in. It is important they call the number contained in the message to ensure they get the aerial installed as soon as possible.”

Source: Harrow Council

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