Dec 19 2012

Disabled parking fraudsters caught in Council crackdown

blue_badge_parkingSix people have been caught illegally using disabled parking bays in a Council crackdown on Blue Badge fraud.

The offences all involved displaying blue badges which belonged to ‘friends and family’. None of the offenders were in possession of counterfeit blue badges.

The badges were voluntarily handed over to Harrow Council enforcement officers who worked in partnership with the Police during the one-day crackdown last week. The offenders will be interviewed by Harrow Council fraud officers and a decision to take legal action against them will be taken afterwards. All six received fixed penalty notices of £30, or £55 for parking on a double yellow line.

A blue disabled badge entitles the owner to park in marked disabled spaces, in areas where parking is not normally permitted and parking without payment in pay and display spaces.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…a minority of individuals who seem to believe that the law does not apply to them.[/pullquote]

Harrow Council Portfolio Holder for Performance, Customer Services and Corporate Services, Cllr Graham Henson, said: “We will continue to clamp down on anyone who tries to misuse facilities put in place to help those who are most in need. All six have been caught red handed and I hope this sends a clear message to anyone thinking about using a blue badge in a dishonest way. Most blue badges are used correctly but sadly there remains a minority of individuals who seem to believe that the law does not apply to them. Supporting those in need is of paramount importance to the Council and this operation sends a clear message that we will not hesitate to investigate people who we believe to be flouting the law.”

Greenhill Safer Neighbourhoods Sergeant Mark Pullen said: “Greenhill Safer Neighbourhoods officers worked alongside our colleagues from Harrow Council during this operation. We received very positive feedback from members of the public and local businesses in support of this action and look forward to taking part in more Blue Badge operations in the new year.”

Source: Harrow Council

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