Jan 28 2011

Draft Transport LIP consultation – details

We’ve had a look at Harrow’s Draft LIP documents over the last day or so.  In summary, Harrow have come up with twelve objectives (on pages 44-45 of the plan), which support the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy.  These objectives are:

  1. To enable Harrow’s residents to have the best possible access to employment opportunities and to improve the attractiveness of Harrow as a place to live, visit and work, the borough will further develop the transport system to provide access to employment opportunities within and beyond the borough and also support improved access to a wide range of facilities such as retail centres and education and health services as well as access to cultural heritage and outdoor green spaces.
  2. Support improved orbital transport links across the Borough and between outer London centres thereby providing greater access to a wider  catchment area for employment opportunities by enabling journeys currently made by car to be made by sustainable forms of transport and thereby improve the environment.
  3. Encourage a healthier lifestyle by promoting healthy and safe travel particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Reduce CO2 emissions in Harrow, increase environment sustainability, improve general health and deliver a better quality of life in the borough through the use of travel planning and appropriate traffic engineering measures including providing improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. Support the borough’s economic growth by regenerating Harrow Town Centre and the new Area of Intensification and ensure that the transport delivery needs of the Area of Intensification are prioritised.
  6. Reduce the number of motorcycle casualties across the borough.
  7. Improve social inclusion in the borough by improving the quality, capacity and accessibility of Harrow-on-the-Hill station and Harrow bus Station and improving the accessibility, efficiency and attractiveness of all transport including public transport borough wide and in particular Transport for London stations.
  8. Support projected population growth within the new Intensification Area by improving transport connectivity between Harrow-on-the-HiIl station/Harrow bus station and Harrow & Wealdstone station.
  9. Increase the number of people cycling in the borough in order to improve public health, improve air quality, reduce congestion and to reduce the impact of climate change.
  10. Support Harrow’s local economy by reducing congestion and making essential car journeys easier.
  11. Improve the quality of life of residents and visitors and improve overall health the borough will improve pedestrian walkways that use and link existing parks and open spaces with town centres and public transport provision.
  12. Ensure that the vitality of the town centre is supported through good transport access via all modes of transport prioritising sustainable modes of transport.

Remember, these are simply objectives – what the Council wants to achieve.  Each of these has additional detail, costs and timings behind it, and we’ll look at those in more detail over the next few days.  As always, if you want to read the whole document, click here where you can also complete the consultation’s survey and feedback form.

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