Jul 08 2011

Electric Car Charging Point in Harrow

Harrow’s first electric car charge point went live at the weekend, with the borough’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community on hand to road test the first fill up.

The first electric charge point for the area, which has a dual charge facility, will be situated in the visitors car park at Harrow Council’s Civic Centre and can be used to charge any standard charge electric vehicle.

The Source London plug-in point will make it easier for motorists to charge up while visiting, working or travelling through Harrow .

“Electric vehicles are no longer just for testing, there are many environmental and financial reasons for Harrow residents to consider having one of their own.” – Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community Safety, Cllr Phillip O’Dell

Harrow Council is among a number of outer London boroughs that are leading the way in this area, with the aim of strengthening the number and usage of car charging points.

The charge-up point is part of the Mayor of London’s Plugged in Places initiative which aims to ‘electrify’ London and offer members of the scheme the option to charge their vehicle at various locations across London . It costs £100 to register for annual membership with Source London and once signed up motorists can charge up at any location as often as they like.

By 2013, Source London will total at least 1,300 charge points, more than the number of petrol stations currently in London, ensuring the infrastructure is in place for significantly more people and businesses to buy an electric vehicle. Today, there are in the region of 150 charge points in the London area, operated by Source London – and over 250 operated by other organisations. At each car re-charge taking up to eight hours, it seems we’re going to need a few more of these…

More information at www.sourcelondon.net.

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