Nov 22 2014

Empty Promises from Harrow’s Labour Council

labour_roseIn their election manifesto, the Harrow Labour Group promised to involve the voluntary sector more, by inviting a representative to sit as a non-executive member of the cabinet. In fact, they made so much noise about it, it was elevated to the loft position of number three on their manifesto:

Appoint a member from the voluntary sector, as a non-executive member of the Cabinet and other major council committees, to make sure the voluntary sector is at the heart of all  decision making in the Council.

So, you’d think they’d have done it now, right?

Alas, not. But of course, they might decide to deliver on that promise months or years into the future, probably in the lead up to the next election, just so they can say they’ve kept their promise. But I suspect this isn’t what the electorate expected: they probably expected it to be just a little more important than the Labour group make out.

But it’s not the only empty promise. Item seven was:

Commit to all Labour Harrow Councillors being required to carry out at least 1 hour a week of volunteering with a Harrow charity or community group, making sure they understand the needs of the sector.


When asked about it at Cabinet this week, Dave told us all that it would come next year. Now assuming they pull their finger out (yes, I know, but bear with me) and implement this in January, they’ve lost some seven months, or 28 weeks or voluntary work. Or in other words, the voluntary sector has lost 952 hours of volunteer time that was promised to them by Labour.


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