Mar 14 2013

Ex-Harrow Conservative Turncoat Cllr Husain Akhtar Rumoured to Join Labour

husain_akhtar1Cllr Husain Akhtar, who jumped ship from Harrow’s Conservative group in November 2012 to become an independent, is likely to become a Labour councillor, if rumours circulating tonight are true. Cllr Akhtar has been working hard over the last few months getting his face into the local press as often as possible and producing a number of, quite frankly, disturbing videos of random strangers around Harrow over the Christmas period (more videos here).

It should be an interesting future: Canons, the ward that Cllr Akhtar represents, has been a Conservative stronghold, with 60% of votes in the 2011 ward by-election in June 2011 – almost double what Labour brought in at the ballot box, and striking similar to the local election in 2010, where Akhtar – the lowest scoring of the Conservative group – took 18% of the vote, exactly double Labour’s highest share.

It’s an interesting move, and possibly won’t look good for Labour at the next election: Akhtar probably shouldn’t count on retaining his seat. Canons resident would have every right to fill betrayed by this: if they’d have wanted a Labour councillor, they’d have elected one, but to have turncoat Akhtar sneak in is bound to make many feel like they’ve been conned and deceived.

Canons residents clearly don’t want a Labour councillor – the polling results show as much – so it’s odd that Cllr Akhtar has chosen to end his political career in this way. Still, at the very least, it does explain the anti-Tory stance that the Harrow Council for Justice – Akhtar’s other hobby, by looks of it – have taken over the last few years.

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  1. VoiceOfReason

    Oh dear, this man has so many guises under which he blogs that I am not surprised he has switched sides again! He clearly has some misguided notion of his own popularity and therefore assumes that his own greatness is enough for people to vote on rather than the party or the policies he represents. Such delusion and at this age strikes me as a touch of “old timers” I’m afraid.

  2. Praxis Reform

    I don’t understand all this switching sides business. Surely one either supports Labour’s squandering money, nannying and wanting to profile everyone in a massive state database, or one yearns for the days of Downton Abbey, being able to send children up chimneys and cutting (financially) everything that it’s possible to cut, as is the case with the Tories.

    My guess is that Cllr Akhtar has burnt his boats, and will be bottom of the pile come the next election.

  3. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ praxis – i like the nannying comment. when gordon brown brought in the financial services regulation legislation everyone cried “nanny state leave the banks alone they know what they’re doing how dare you?” then once they lost all our money gordon brown is accused of not regulationg them enough…

  4. Praxis Reform

    What financial services regulation legislation are you taking about? I recall that Gordon Brown introduced the FSA as a single regulatory body to oversee the UK’s financial services industry; at the time this passed oversight responsibility to one agency instead of however many there were before, and was supposed to prevent crises such as that surrounding Britain’s exit from the ERM. However, I recall Mr Brown admitting in an interview a few years ago that he’d made a mistake when he’d insisted upon “light-touch” regulation. So I’m not aware of any complaints from banks complaining that they were being nannyed.

    Now, I don’t want to go all Max Keiser here, but regulating the banks – which could have easily been done using existing laws – isn’t nannying. Although to be fair to Gordon Brown, Europe and America were just as bad, so Labour’s lack of action here is understandable (but not excusable).

    Put simply, Banks shouldn’t have been lending money to people that couldn’t afford to pay it back, engaging in predatory lending practices, and speculating in products that they didn’t understand themselves. Laws existed to prevent all this happening, even more recent discoveries such as the systematic rigging of LIBOR. But the “light-touch regulation” meant that so long as Banksters kept magicing up money, nobody asked where it was coming from.

    In my opinion, the current Government could give itself a big popularity boost by arresting the criminals behind these scandals – But I guess they’re worried where their Party funding will come from if they do that.

    What I meant by nannying is that under Labour spending on poster, television and cinema campaigns rose 30 fold during their time in power, yet they failed to prevent the growth of the “lifestyle” diseases the money was meant to tackle.

    Numerous times I’ve heard of photographers being warned not to take photos, with specious talk about anti-terrorism laws, from security guards and similar types. Then there’s the other stories about parents being banned from taking pictures of their kids school play, in case said photos fall into the hands of evil paedophiles.

    How much money has been wasted on mandatory CRB checks for nearly every job or voluntary position one wants to apply for these day?

    I’m sure we’ve all read the story about firemen standing back and watching someone drown in three foot of water, because of “Health & Safety rules”, or the school that had to pay out £5,000 to a kid whose finger was hit by a cricket ball, £13,000 to another who tripped up, and astonishingly £6,000 to one who was injured whilst breaking into school one night.

    Then there’s Labours introduction of mass surveillance of the population, CCTV cameras everywhere, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act allowing pretty much anyone in the Government to browse citizens’ web, email, telephone and fax records, all without a warrant and without the subject’s knowledge. Further augmented by the Data Retention Directive, requiring telecommunication companies to keep records of phone calls and text messages for twelve months.

    All of which would have been followed by the Communications Data Bill (never enacted) which would have required the Orwellian insertion of thousands of black box probes into the country’s computer and telephone networks, to collect data on all phone calls, emails, chat room discussions and web-browsing habits.

    After which, there’s vehicle tracking by ANPR cameras, the DNA database, and latterly the mandatory ID card scheme – which the Conservatives have had the good sense to scrap.

    Can people protest about the above? No, because the Public Order Act puts unacceptable restrictions of the right to protest.

    But do ask me about Gordon Brown’s waste and squandermania, before the economy collapsed. I’ll be happy to sit down and write out a list, to help spell that out for you.

  5. Where's Willy!

    Urm, Praxis, Gordon Brown did NOT stuff £500,000,000,000 into his suit pockets, take a flight to the USA and say “Can you burn this for me?”. The Tories DID criticise the legislation as being “nanny state” and unnecesary. Stop believing political propaganda – the BANKS lost our money period. It weren’t Brown’s fault or Cameron’s fault or anyoe else’s fault for that matter except for the bankers that bought the sub-prime, deliberately camouflaged in amongst good invetments. That was tantamount to fraud and i agree with you on one thing – why weren’t they pursued, caught and jailed?

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