Mar 19 2014

Ex-Police Chief to Head Harrow Council Racism Investigation

harrow_council_logoDal Babu OBE, a former borough commander of Harrow Police, has been appointed to lead an internal investigation into allegations of racism at Harrow Council.

The current chair of Harrow Age UK, Dal is widely respected as one of London’s most experienced senior Asian officers, having served for 30 years in the Metropolitan police. He served as borough commander in Harrow for four years (retiring in February 2013).

He has been appointed to investigate claims of racism at Harrow Council which were made last year. Dal’s remit will be to talk to both council officers and members alike before producing a report and any recommendations for the authority with a deadline of April 11th.

The investigation was announced last October by Harrow Council leader Susan Hall.

Cllr Hall said: “Harrow is a diverse borough and the council has always reflected this, both in the representation of members and the highly professional approach of officers to their work. While I have always believed there is no issue about race among council employees, as a precaution I asked for a senior independent figure to look into these claims.

“The result of this investigation will be published as this council believes in transparency and has nothing to hide. I am confident that in an experienced professional of Dal Babu’s calibre, we have found the right person to take this enquiry forward.”

Dal Babu said: “My years in the Metropolitan police have given me a good span of experience about race claims, for example from my role as chair of the National Association of Muslim Police Officers to being the police commander on the ground in Harrow during protests by anti-Islamic groups outside the Mosque. On these occasions I strive to establish the facts and stop sometimes overheated rhetoric obscuring the real issue.

“I know Harrow Council well, and I think Cllr Hall and the authority have taken a brave step in establishing this enquiry, which will be independent and professional.”

Three candidates were approached about the role but only one invited for interview. Dal was appointed on March 17th and will start work immediately.

Details of how staff with observations can contact Dal over the inquiry will be publicised shortly.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Could not be in better hands .With his expertise and experience in such delicate matters his years of service in the Metropolitan Police Service means he knows exactly what the score is.His findings will no doubt be unbiased and well balanced.He knows the Harrow Council and staff inside out and his community engagement skills will surely stand him in good stead.We are very fortunate to have a man of his stature who knows it from both sides.Excellent choice.

  2. Harrow Dude

    As quoted by Susie “While I have always believed there is no issue about race among council employees, as a precaution I asked for a senior independent figure to look into these claims.”

    Are you having a laugh stop the Susie spin.

    Susie you know there is an issue about race amongst council employees, the council’s own reports identify this.
    You yourself raised concerns over how in your words “the first Sri Lankan Leader has been treated”
    Isn’t that why you got on board to steady the ship?

  3. Susan Hall

    Thaya’s treatment was allegedly at the hands of other Councillors, not Council employees. The racism investigation focuses on The Council not the Councillors. Please get your facts correct before continually knocking me

    1. Harrow Dude

      I would have presumed that an investigation into “allegations of racism at Harrow Council” would include the Councillors as they too are Council employees for all intents and purposes but maybe that’s just me.

      Nonetheless it has been suggested by some at the big white building in Station Road that Dal is in a relationship with one of your senior managers. Can you confirm whether or not this is fact Susie?

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