Feb 17 2011

Extra Bin Requests

Did you know that you can buy an extra green or blue bin from the Council?  This may be useful if you’re producing more recyclable or compost-able waste than will fit into your current bin.  You can apply for an extra bin online, which will cost you £40.80. There is no extra charge for collection.

From Harrow Council’s website:

Households can have more than one Brown Bin (for food and garden waste) and Blue Bin (for recycling waste). These bins can be purchased for £40.80 per bin. [Note that this charge is likely to increase from April 1, 2011, to £44.00].

Households can only have one Green/Grey Waste Bin (for other waste) unless more than five people live in the home. For households with more than five people, an additional Green/Grey Waste Bin can be purchased for £40.80 for an additional bin.

Only residents of a household, as opposed to a flat, new development or commercial property, can order a bin online. Bin requests involving flats, new developments or commercial property should call the Council rather than use this form.

Apply by clicking here for Harrow’s website.

Source(s): Harrow Council

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