Mar 19 2014

Fags in Sheds – Illegal Shisha Hut Demolished by Harrow Council

harrow_council_logoAn illegal Shisha café extension was demolished yesterday after residents complained of late night smoking sessions into the early hours.

Council workmen arrived at the Yasmin restaurant and Shisha Bar, High road, Wealdstone, at 7.30am to remove the 600sq foot structure which had been built without permission at the rear of the building.

The action was taken after the owners failed to meet assurances that they would remove the timber clad structure, which could accommodate around 40 customers.

Harrow Council took action after people in surrounding properties complained about customers making a noise, together with smells coming from the venue. The Council served a planning enforcement notice against the new structure on the grounds it was an unlicensed change of use.

Around 30 shisha pipes were removed from the extension along with bags of pungent tobacco as council workers removed the walls and pared back the building to its legally allowed limits. The majority of the extension was removed in around 75 minutes although council officers were expected to spend the morning at the site.

In a day of action elsewhere, planning enforcement notices were enforced against unlicensed temporary cabins and a plumber’s office built at the rear of a property.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, was present as the early morning action took place at the Shisha café.

Cllr Hall said: “We have got to send a signal to people who think that planning rules are some kind of minor inconvenience that disappear if you ignore them for long enough. That isn’t fair on the silent hard-working majority who abide by the law. As leader of the council they expect me to be tough on law breakers and I will do exactly that. In cases like this, we are responding to the complaints of ordinary Harrow residents who are getting fed up with illegal buildings being lashed up in gardens or at the rear of their neighbours’ properties with all the extra noise and disturbance that can result.. They are looking to the council to take a lead on the upsurge we are witnessing of beds in sheds – or in this case fags in sheds – and that is exactly what we are doing.”

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  1. terry

    well done. slum status must be prevented at all costs.

  2. Concerned Harrovain

    Well done Sheriff Hall. The word “Fags” has another meaning in American slang but presumably in this case refers to cigarette butts.

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