Feb 25 2017

Fake recycling leaflet seen in borough; Council miffed

Harrow Council has warned residents about a scam telling them that the Council no longer collects waste including eggshells, cat litter, used tissues and mouldy food. The false advice threatens anyone who fails to comply with a fine.

The fake leaflet, which is green and has several spelling mistakes, does not mention Harrow or carry the Harrow Council logo or colours. It has been posted through doors in the south of the borough.

“We urge everyone to ignore this leaflet – and throw it away. Our waste collection services are unchanged, with collections for food, recycling and general waste – plus the subscription garden waste service,” said Cllr Graham Henson, Portfolio Holder for Enviornment, Crime and Community Safety.

He continued: “This leaflet is being circulated by some nasty individual who wants to make people suffer and make Harrow dirtier – all for their own amusement. We would be very interested to know who this is and speak with them – so if you see someone circulating this leaflet please do contact the Council and let me know about it.”


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  1. red mirror

    now this to me smacks of a leak circulated by a whistleblower and if so bravo to him/her. as for spelling mistakes well there were plenty of those whilst i was employed by the boro courtesy of dyslexic team leaders no discrimination by me just sayin is all .

  2. Wealdstone Warrior

    Would be amusing if it was a leak of a future Council plan. The fact they used the word garbage suggests they could be American. Do the residents of Harrow compost anything these days? I was brought up in a household that recycled eggshells, peelings, grass cuttings, cat litter and other such items, as they were all dug into the ground to provide nutrients for plants, including fruit & vegetables.

    If residents with gardens grew their own fruit and vegetables, they could be a bit more self sufficient and any surplus could be given to food banks or homeless shelters, instead of a having a plain lawn with a trampoline plonked in the middle.

  3. Linda Robinson

    Yes, Warrior, of course it is American. Program and moldy are American spellings. It is simply a prank from this American book – https://books.google.co.uk/books?isbn=0761176853. Anybody could have copied and printed it from the webpage, including the sloppy extra L in “moldly”. Nothing very clever or sinister there, just a childish joke that only the most gullible or ignorant would believe for one moment, surely.
    Graham shouldn’t be telling people to “throw it away”, he should say “put it in your recycling bin”.

    1. Wealdstone Warrior

      I forgot it was Half Term last week, no doubt there is a teenager somewhere having a right old giggle. It rattled Henson’s cage, which is quite amusing. Maybe if the council pulled its finger out and emptied the bins then the residents of Harrow would not have to resort to pranks. I wonder what they have planned for April Fools day!

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