Apr 16 2014

FoodSave – Helping Businesses Reduce Their Food Waste

foodsave_logoThe FoodSave project aims to help small and medium-sized food businesses in London to reduce their food waste.

In addition to this, FoodSave will help businesses to consider options for redistribution of surplus food (for example through secondary markets or charities such as Fareshare, or by feeding it to livestock), and finally to ensure that unavoidable food waste is disposed of more responsibly, such as through composting or generating energy.

If you are interested in FoodSave and run a small or medium-sized business in London in one of the following sectors then get involved:

  • Shops selling food as their main product
  • Street-food vendors or markets
  • Street markets or farmers’ markets
  • Food manufacturers
  • Wholesalers or wholesale markets
  • Farmers or food growers

FoodSave aims to achieve the following:

  • Divert over 1,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill by reducing waste, putting surplus to good use and using
  • less damaging disposal methods
  • Reduce over 150 tonnes of food-related waste (such as food packaging)
  • Save businesses over £350,000 associated with waste reduction and disposal

For further information on the FoodSave Project www.thesra.org/foodsave

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  1. John Nickolay

    What’s wrong with what was done during and after WW2 when waste food was binned for sending to pig farms? It worked then and could work now.

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