Jan 08 2016

Free Drumming Workshops (yes, really) for Council Staff and Officers

harrow_council_brokenSpotted in the Council’s December 2015 Members’ Circular:

The workplace can be a stressful and unhealthy place. Public Health are encouraging people to take a short break at lunchtime to do a quick exercise session to de-stress and flex your muscles for a few valuable minutes. It is FREE, just turn up if you can. No special clothing, equipment or experience is needed. Another new initiative is the chance to bang a drum in our drumming workshop. If you have your own drum, bring it along and join in. If you don’t then we have a few that you can borrow.

Words. Fail. Me. What next? Tantric massage?


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  1. julia

    Hey,All credit to the council, for being able to accept ideas outside the box. Actually, I think theres quite a lot of research on how music entrains the brain, especially music done a s a group activity, and with a rhythmic base.
    note no cost here, so in these cash strapped times , whats not to like?
    Do agee Tantric massage would be taking things a little far.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    It’s no wonder the Council cannot communicate with residents or businesses as the noise of the drumming drowns out any conversations at lunchtime and the rest of the time they are suffering from hearing loss . There is one thing to be thankful for however and that is that the drumming isn’t the background music when you are left on the telephone for absolutely ages when trying to make contact with the Civic Centre.

  3. Someonewhocares

    Then perhaps this is an attempt to drum up some interest in the community who actually fund all this kind of nonsense – the residents? In the meantime ‘the natives are getting restless’

  4. S.Karia

    Not really a bad idea, good that the Council is thinking out of the box. Working for any Public Sector Organization when budgets are constantly being squeezed IS stressful – and if beating a few drums helps than why not !

  5. F.D.Billson

    This is a pathetic action by this dreadful council. Once again it is an insult to the taxpayers of the borough who are being taxed more and more for less an less services. This , once again, is an absolutely ridiculous idea.

  6. red mirror

    now imagine our underpaid street sweeper emerging from a shamanic drumming session in the civic in a state of near nirvana and bliss happily making his hi viz way back to reality albeit in a transcended manor he begins to sweep the street in bliss and contentment he encounters dog mess hey no biggie then nappies he begins to feel less euphoric then oh no the urine drenched couch the team leader promised to pick up a month ago is looming large on his round reality is biting now as its started raining through the inadequate cheap provided jacket then he remembers the card the guru new ager handed him it reads rapid response percussion team he calls and explains hes come down he is answered with hey man stay there were coming 5 minutes later he is surrounded by snare tom tom and bass drum rhythmically returning him to the alpha brain wave state he trundles on his way enhanced and happy oh harrow council thank you he thinks whilst banging the litter picker on the side of his barrow.

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